Happy Social Media Day!

In case you didn’t know, today is the 2nd Annual Social Media Day, presented by the people over at Mashable.  There will be social media meetups all over the country, in celebration of social media and the great community that we have built together, and you can follow the trends over at Twitter using hashtag #smday or #SocialMediaDay.

We’re happy to you’ve connected with us on our blog, but you can also keep up with the latest Contiki updates via Twitter (our handle is @Contiki_US), on Facebook (facebook.com/contiki) and we’re also on Youtube & Flickr!  We also have a fantastic community of people who are connecting with one another on Contiki’s very own website as well.  We love the fact that you get to know your tour mates BEFORE you go!  How cool is that?  Traveling is a shared experience and we encourage you to share with with the Contiki community!

Share with us: How do you connect with Contiki? Is there anything you think we should be plugged in to (Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.)?



June 29th is Camera Day!

DSLR, point-and-shoot, Polaroid, cell phone camera.  Today is dubbed ‘Camera Day’ and is a chance for you to celebrate all things camera and photography.  Hip hip hooray!

We know much travelers love to flash their pearly whites for the camera, and there’s no better way to document a vacation than through your photos, right?

In honor of Camera day, we are also inviting YOU to share your photos on the Contiki blog – we’ll highlight one awesome photo every week as a shout out to our awesome Contiki fans.  E-mail me (Vy, the Online Content & PR Marketing Specialist) at marketing@contiki.com to share and tell me a little about your photo – I’ll give you the scoop on how to get your 15 minutes of fame here on the blog!

Whether you’re snapping pics on film or you’ve gone strictly digital, make sure you’ve checked out some of photography tips from our guest blogger, Ralph Velasco, or check out these cool camera accessories we’ve come across and get to clickin’!  We want to see it all!


GorillaPod by Joby – Perfect for self-timer portraits, you can attach your point and shoot to these flexible tripods and won’t get stuck being the person behind the camera!  They come in all sizes, even some for DSLRs – so set up that tripod and jump in the photo.

Discover the world of photography apps - whether you’re toting an iPhone or Android-enabled device, there are plenty of apps out there to help you boost your cell phone camera into the stratosphere.  For iPhone, check out Hipstamatic & Instagram.  Android users should also check out FxCamera or Vignette – all these apps can add filters and give your cell phone cameras a bit of street cred.


Instant Cameras – This ain’t your mama’s Polaroid camera.  You may not be shaking those Polaroid pictures any longer, but that doesn’t mean that instant photographs are a thing of the past.  The brand synonymous with the instant pics still have products that will plug you into your retro side. While you may not be able to upload these photos to your Facebook or Twitter, you’ll have a cool memento.  Fuji Cameras still has a line of great instant cameras that fit your budget, your bag, and will produce fun photos.

Tell us – What’s your camera of choice & why do you recommend it?

6 Songs For Your Summer Soundtrack

Here at Contiki headquarters, we’re looking at blue skies and HOT weather… that’s California for you.  Yes, sweet summer has arrived and we’re loading up our MP3 players to help prepare us for all of our summer escapades.  The office is full of eclectic music tastes, so we run the gamut of song recommendations for your summer playlist.

Whether it’s a playlist that inspires you to get out and see the world, songs that get you excited for a night on the town, or mellow music for that downtime on the planes, trains, or coach, we know how important music is in defining your summer vacation.

Here are six Contiki picks for your playlist, whether to inspire you, get you excited, or to mellow you out.

Then tell us, What songs do you recommend for Contiki travelers?


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