Happy Halloween from Contiki

It’s Halloween and everyone is getting into the spirit – handing out candy, getting dressed up, and making plans, and decorating the house in Trick or Treat fashion! Check out how the Contiki offices got into the Halloween spirit!

Did you dress up? Who/What are you dressing up as today?

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Friday Fun in the Contiki Office

Before the Halloween festivities next week, the Contiki Spirit Committee put together a Soda challenge and asked our staff to do a taste test comparison of some of the popular soft drinks.  Some people were confident they could taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi, 7-Up and Sierra Mist, Diet Coke vs. Diet Pepsi, & Orange Fanta vs. Sunkist.

19 Contiki staffers took the challenge and while many were confident that they got all of them correct, only 4 people from the entire office were able to identify 100% correctly!

How about you?  Think you can taste the difference between these popular sodas?  Sound off!

Collecting memories on the road

From my recent trip to South America

As a traveler, sometimes your photographs aren’t the only items you want to keep as a reminder of your trip.  For me, I like to collect those tiny shot glasses that list the name of the location, or represent something special about the destination.  They are a small memento of where I’ve been and some of them are often whimsical and quirky enough to be a conversation starter when people come to my home. 


Check out a few different ideas for you the next time you go souvenir shopping!

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6 Ways to Conquer Your Solo Travel Fears

Check out this fantastic guest post about ways to conquer those common excuses that people have for traveling alone, from Kristina Wegscheider, co-founder of Do It While You’re Young


I have traveled extensively over the last 9 years. Extensively is defined as in over 50 countries. While I have traveled with my fiancé and my family, I actually did a bulk of these trips by myself. While the initial idea of traveling alone can be scary, it can also be absolutely exhilarating! A good introduction to traveling solo is to try a group tour with a company like Contiki (I’ve logged three trips to date). Scared of going solo? Here are some common excuses and why you should overcome them.

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