Announcing second week’s winner of “This Way to Amazing”

The City of Lights beckoned you to find Liz’s exact location amongst the piles of macarons and stacks of vintage clothing and shoes – and many of you did it!  We’re excited to announce the 2nd week’s winner of This Way to Amazing….

Congratulations Kirsten O.!

There are still two more chances to win an amazing Contiki Europe trip!  This week, go out and find Autumn, a Canadian girl in a truly iconic place.

Happy Leap Year from Contiki!

It’s February 29th!  Which means, 2012 is a Leap Year and we get to celebrate with 366 days!

Did you know?  Leap Day is also considered a sort of “Sadie Hawkin’s Day” – and we’re not referring to that high school dance where the gals ask the guys to be their dates. According to Irish tradition, Leap Day is reserved for the “Ladies’ Privilege” – the time where a man must say yes if he’s proposed to by a woman (or, in some cases, pay her a hefty sum for turning her down… anyone seen the movie “Leap Year”?)

With an additional 24 hours on your hands, what are you doing to take advantage of this extra time?

Contiki Weekly Buzz: February 28, 2012

Contiki Weekly Buzz is back, so come on in, the water’s nice!  Check out some of the recent write-ups from the blogosphere about Contiki and get inspired to find the trip that will lead you to an amazing experience!  Also, are you playing This Way to Amazing?  One more day to find Liz and get a chance to win a Europe vacation!

1. Her CampusContiki Vacation Day 6:  Notre Dame, Versailles, & Moulin Rouge

Check out the ladies of Her Campus Media as they venture through Europe on the Contiki London & Paris adventure – gazing upon artwork, braving the cold, and enjoying the infamous Moulin Rouge cabaret show.

2. Youtube user HelloKeepSmileContiki Europe Part 1

Here’s the first of a three-video series with highlights from hellokeepsmile‘s Contiki Europe vacation!

3. Youtube user AwesomeNickawesome – New Zealand Contiki Tour

This video features many crazy scenes from all the adventurous activities you can find yourself doing on a New Zealand Contiki, from canyon swings, bungy jumps, and sky diving!

4.  Our Travel Blog – London and Intro

Here’s a write-up from a traveling couple who decided to see Europe for a 2nd time together (although they have visited multiple times on their own) with Contiki!

5. New Zealand ExchangeThe rest of Contiki!

A nice round-up blog of a New Zealand Contiki from Laura – who chats about hiking Fox Glacier, visiting Christchurch, and Lake Ohau.

Stay tuned next week for the next round-up of Contiki buzz – or contribute your own guest post about your Contiki experience!

Guest Post: Tackling Toronto in 24 Hours

Itching to see Canada – and making your way specifically to Toronto?

Our guest blogger, a Canadian herself, gives Contiki some insider tips on tackling Toronto, in 24 hours – and she breaks it down based on your interests!  Check it out!

Guest blog post by Roop Gill,  Contiki traveler

I love traveling to new cities, countries and continents. I love getting on a plane and waving the Toronto skyline good-bye (for a while). I love exploring cultures, foods and festivals that my city doesn’t offer.

That being said, I totally love Toronto, my hometown, and would recommend everyone to visit it at least once for a whirlwind of culture, food, music, art and activities. When I meet people in other countries and they ask me about my city, I always say, “Toronto has something to offer to everybody, regardless of their tastes and preferences.”

And I am not kidding.

So, just to prove my point and give aspiring travelers an idea of which neighborhood they should be heading to (because trust me, you will get overwhelmed) I have drafted suggested itineraries suited for different personalities.

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