Guest Post: What Really Happened On My New Zealand Contiki (and how Queenstown must be a lot like giving birth)

We always love first-hand adventures from our Contiki staff when they come back from a trip.  Graphic designer Andrea P. shares her tale of how Queenstown challenged her – read on for her adventures in the Adventure Capital of the World!

Guest blog post by Andrea P., Contiki’s own Graphic Designer

The glacier waters give Lake Ohau it's bright turquoise color

In retrospect, my second day in Queenstown was (I imagine) much like giving birth. It had the potential to be the most painful yet best day of my life. All in one day, I was going to experience two of the scariest things I had ever done in my life, but hopefully the most rewarding. Skydiving at 7:30am, followed by a Canyon Swing (the world’s highest cliff jump) at 1pm. Great. Awesome. What had I signed myself up for?!!
One week prior, I was enduring an 18-hour flight from LA to New Zealand. My 4th movie on the plane is starting up and I’m debating which “excursions” to sign up for while on my 11-day Contiki through the South Island. Bungee jumping? Hell no, too scared. My Contiki coworker Melissa had taken this exact same trip a few years back and made me promise to skydive. “You CAN’T leave New Zealand without doing it. When else are you going to do it? And what better place than Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world! You’re strapped to a professional and when it’s time to jump just close your eyes. They’ll tap you on the head when it’s safe to open your eyes,” is how she convinced me. With knots in my stomach, I wished I was on my way to some relaxing beach destination instead, but I knew that type of vacation wouldn’t be enough for me.

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