Thoughtful Thursday: What If You Continue to Ignore your “What If” Questions?

Are you a first time traveler?  Perhaps you’re ready to take on a new destination or a new task.  Many of us struggle with those What if questions when we’re about to take a giant leap into the unknown.  Is it exciting or terrifying? This week’s Thoughtful Thursday asks you this question:  “What if you continue to ignore your what if questions?

Guest Blog Post by Christine Hassler

What if? This question evokes a feeling of wonderful possibility or dreadful panic. For many, it’s the latter. What if questions usually pop-up when we are navigating our way through unknown territory. When worrying about a situation or facing anxiety about something in the future, the incessant what if questioning begins: “What if X happens? What if X doesn’t happen? What if I do X? What if I can’t do X? What if he/she does X? What if he/she doesn’t?” And on and on and on.

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