Thoughtful Thursday: Unplug from Negative Thinking

It’s easy to succumb to negative thoughts, especially when you’ve got dreams to travel and take on the world.  Sometimes it’s just easier to fall into our negative thoughts.  Today’s Thoughtful Thursday post shares how to unplug yourself from negative thinking to become your positive, confident self and get you ready to become the jet-setter you’ve always wanted to be!

Guest Post by Christine Hassler

When you think about what stresses you out, what comes to mind? Perhaps your job, money, relationships, health concerns or that never-ending to-do list. It seems like stress is everywhere in our lives! And when we think of managing our stress we usually look at situations in our life we can change, actions we can add, or responsibilities we can remove to create more balance.

Yet we often do not pay attention to one of the main causes of stress: our thoughts. Whenever you think about anything or anyone that is upsetting you in anyway, you create stress. Whenever you allow yourself to become overwhelmed with worrisome or fearful thoughts, you create stress.

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Contiki’s Guide to Getting a Passport

So you’ve decided its time to travel abroad – congratulations! One of the first things you must do is obtain a passport.  Before you start dreaming of collecting stamps from all the great destinations you will travel to, you need to know the basics of where to begin, find out if you need visas, and make this process a smooth one.

Check out our guide to getting your passport ready before your trip of a lifetime!




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10 Contiki Questons with Aigerim Shorman,


   It’s exciting when you discover innovative ideas in travel and there’s no doubt that the Triptrotting website is definitely one of those social travel sites that is making a splash!  The site connects you with like-minded travelers all over the world. We’re happy to share our next series of “10 Contiki Questions” with the co-founder of Triptrotting, Aigerim Shorman, as she shares how the site came into existence, her own travel tips and advice, and where she’s headed next.

Check it out!

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