Thoughtful Thursday: Are You Obsessed with the Package?

Do you ever feel like you don’t “fit the mold”?  Do you have an ideal path of life that you thought you would walk?

Often times, we look enviously at others who have the “whole package.”  Maybe they studied abroad in college, perhaps they were afforded the ability to travel since a young age and you feel left behind because you were a late bloomer.  Everyone has as vision of the life that they want to lead.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores whether or not you are obsessed with the traditional package that many people come in.  Check it out!


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Catching a Glimpse of the Solar Eclipse

On Sunday, employees from the Travel Corporation who traveled to the Grand Canyon for a restoration project got the opportunity to see the “Ring of Fire” annular solar eclipse – when the new moon passes over but doesn’t completely block out the sun and leaves a ring of sunlight around the moon.  Here’s a picture of the moon just about to cover up the sun.  This event occurred at 6:38 p.m.

Armed with solar viewfinders, many of us were able to capture photographic images of the solar eclipse on our cameras. We also created our very own pinhole box to project the tiny eclipse, which resembled a crescent moon, on the back of our shirts.  We are so glad we got the opportunity to see the annular eclipse, especially at the Grand Canyon of all places!



Resource Round-Up: Planning for Summer

Summer is inching closer!  We’ve had a lot of blog posts about planning for summer and decided to round them all up in one easily accessible location.  We’ve broken them down into categories, and as we get closer to summer, there will be plenty more posts that will help you prepare for your trip of a lifetime!

Stay tuned as we add a new tab to our blog so you can have access to the tips and tricks that you’re all looking for!  In the meantime, check out this round-up of resources to help you plan the best summer yet!

Tell us – what tips and tricks would you like to know more about from Contiki?

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Thoughtful Thursday: Not So Sweet Little Lies

Sometime it is easier to gloss over the truth and tell a little lie to make ourselves feel better.  This week’s Thoughtful Thursday post examines how lying can be easy, and how we can more truthful with ourselves

Guest Post by Christine Hassler

I will admit it. I have lied. And sometimes have justified little white lies that seem harmless. For example, yesterday at the local Co-op I really wanted some goldenberries from the bulk bin but they are $16.99 per pound (one would think they were made from real gold!). I noticed that their neighbors, the mulberries, were only $12.99 per pound. So I thought I could just write the bin number for the mulberries and save a little bit of money. I spend so much money at that store, what’s a little discount? Then I got to the check out line and the cashier knew the difference and called me out. As I was dying of a mix of embarrassment, guilt and shame, I paid for my goldenberries and left the store with my head down judging myself as a terrible person.

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