Inspire Your Travels: Inspiration Boards

What inspires your travels?  Perhaps your wanderlust has been piqued after watching movies featuring fantastic destinations or your home is decked out with beautiful travel-inspired decor.  We’re now hooked on the newest way to collect things that inspire you – Pinterest inspiration boards. Contiki joined Pinterest and we’ve got you covered – from fresh items you can pack to travel photography tips and our favorite places to travel.  Feel free to repin your items

You don’t necessarily need Pinterest to create an inspiration board for your travels though.  You might want to make a collage using good ol’ magazines and a pair of scissors, or if you’re savvy with Photoshop, you can create a funky inspiration board.  Need more inspiration for your travels?  Check out our Fave 15 Contiki trips and hear our Contiki travelers sound off about what made those trips so amazing.

Your turn!  Have an inspiration board you want to share with Contiki? 

Send it our way to PR [at] Contiki [dot]com or tweet us the link @ContikI_US!


Contiki Weekly Buzz: May 15, 2012

Can you believe we are halfway through May already?  That means summer is just around the corner and now’s the time for you to start spreading the Contiki love.

Gather your friends, tell your neighbors, our just shout it from the rooftops – 2012 is the year to travel.  We’ve rounded up some blogs and videos that will get you in the traveling mood.  Check out this week’s Contiki buzz!  Got some buzz to share?  Find out how to get your blog or videos featured right here after the jump!

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Hungry? Contiki Joins Foodspotting!

Are you following Contiki on our social media sites?  We’ve ventured into some new media territories, including Instagram (@Contikivacations), Pinterest ( and now we’ve checked into the corner of the web concerning one of the most essential parts of your travel experience:  the food!  Contiki has joined Foodspotting, and we want you to spot food with us too!

What is Foodspotting?  It’s a website that allows you to not only recommend restaurants, but to “spot” dishes and recommend them visually!  Whether it’s the chicha morada (corn drink) in Latin America (featured in our first guide on the site!) or our favorite place to get pizza in New Zealand, you’ll find Contiki’s favorite eats all around the world.  What makes it great?  You can access our guides from your smartphone (iPhone, Android and Blackberry!)  No cell phone?  You can visit the website any time and see what we recommend.

Curious?  Check it out!  Go to to browse our first guide, Contiki’s Guide to Latin America food!

See the World Differently with Contiki

At Contiki, we want you to break out of the box and think of ways to see the world differently.  Every experience is an opportunity to redefine your way of thinking and we want you to discover how Contiki sees the world.  Check it out!