Announcing the 2nd Winner of Contiki & O’Neill’s #wear2where Instagram contest!

Congratulations to Instagram user @_carolyn113_ for tagging this photo with #wear2where on Instagram – the second lucky winner of an O’Neill swag bag from Contiki!

Her image on a Venice gondola has all of us wishing we were sitting right next to her, soaking up the architecture and enjoying life!  Cheers to life – and cheers to you for your beautiful photo!

There’s still one more chance to win!

We’ll be selecting the next winner on Friday, September 7, 2012 – along with the winner of the From Wear to Where sweepstakes!


Don’t forget to enter!

Important note for private profile users of Instagram!  If you tag your photo with #wear2where but you have a private profile, Contiki can’t see it.  But you can still enter!  You don’t have to change your privacy settings – just screenshot and Tweet the photo to @Contiki_US and we’ll make sure it’s in the running for the next two drawings!

Good luck!

Contiki Talks Travel with Team ZICO Athletes!

One of the most important tips for any world traveler is to stay hydrated on the road – and this is doubly important if you are an athlete as well.

Contiki is partnering with ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water to give you the chance to visit Thailand (click here to find out more) – combining our love of travel and the importance of staying hydrated and fit while you’re on vacation.

We got the opportunity to interview five Team ZICO athletes – from surfers, triathletes, stand-up paddleboarders, yoga instructors, and pro volleyball players – on how they stay fit and hydrated during their own travels and what their favorite travel rituals are.  Check it out!

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Thoughtful Thursday: Are You Focused On Your Capabilities or Your Possibilities?

You want to travel the world but you keep giving yourself roadblocks that keep you from traveling.  The world is your oyster and anything is truly possible if you look beyond the things you are capable of doing right now.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday focuses on how you can keep your mindset of your current capabilities from fulfilling all the amazing possibilities that lie in front of you.  Keep reading!

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Thai Island Hopping with Contiki

We’ve got a new obsession in the Contiki offices: ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water! This hydrating beverage conjures up images of relaxing on tropical beaches in exotic destinations.  There’s no better place to sip coconut water than the islands in Thailand, which is one of the many sources of the ZICO coconut!

So, this week’s Where to Wednesday focuses on island hopping in Thailand so you can relax on the beach with your very own fresh coconut.

Ready to hit the beach? We are!

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