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It’s the last day of November, which means that December is around the corner and 2013 is just one month away!  Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays or already planning out your New Year’s Resolutions – one thing is for sure:  2013 is going to be an awesome year – especially here at Contiki.

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Thoughtful Thursday: Be a Compliment Columbo

It’s the giving season and with the holidays coming up, what is a better gift to give (other than travel) than a compliment?  We all want to be recognized for our attributes, our accomplishments, and our successes.  Why not become a Compliment Columbo?

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores how a compliment can really add a personal touch and improve your attitude.

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10 Contiki Questions with.. The Fu Music!

This week’s Where to Wednesday is all about The Fu.  The who?  That’s right – The Fu Music, a duo of singing and YouTubing brothers who made a splash (and the final 3 on the YOMYOMF Network’s “Internet Icon” show).  The Fu are currently exploring the South Island in New Zealand on Contiki’s “Sweet As South” tour and we asked them what they were most excited to see.  Check it out!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: What’s In Your Bag?

This past year, Contiki partnered with Michelle Phan and the FAWN Network to bring you Wanderlust, a travel series dedicated to beauty around the world.  We’re currently partnered with NYX Cosmetics to bring out the beauty of Europe with our sweepstakes – you could get you a trip of a lifetime paired with some fantastic makeup – so we wanted to find out, What’s In Your Bag?

FAWN Beauty Guru Andrea’s Choice created a video inspired by her Contiki Italian Espresso trip that asked the questions, “What’s In My Big Bag“? and she showcased her must-have items in the bag she carried with her on a Contiki!

Check out the video!

Want to know more about the trip Andrea took?  Visit to find out more!