Announcing the Winner of Crossfit Surf City’s Whole Life Challenge!

Did you follow the Whole Life Challenge at your neighborhood CrossFit?  After weeks of intense workouts, modified diets, and keeping each other accountable, the CrossFitters at CrossFit Surf City finally completed their challenge, and we’ve got a winner!

Our very own Heather M. competed in and completed the challenge and is sharing her thoughts about participating, as well as the fantastic Workout of the Day, inspired by Contiki!

Check out all the details!


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Thoughtful Thursday: Don’t Delay Your Gratification

We live in a world where thrive off instant gratification.  Why go to the bookstore when you can download an e-book right to your computer?  Go ahead, buy that chocolate bar while you’re standing in line – you know you want it!  However, our every day lives can keep us from getting the things we really want, like a trip of a lifetime to a country you’ve never been to.  Why wait?  It’s time for Carpe Diem (Seize the day!) and to jump on the train!

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores how you can keep yourself from delaying your gratification and take advantage of the moments in front of you, right here and right now.  Check it!

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Awesome Places to View a Sunset on a Contiki

We’re all about making moments count, and what better way to make a moment count than to end your day with an awesome sunset?  Watching the sunset over a monument can be one of the most breathtaking moments that define your entire trip.  Which one of these places have you seen the sun dip below the horizon?  End your day right!

From a Junk Boat at Halong Bay

From a Sailboat on the Whitsundays in Australia

From the Coast of the Greek Islands (Corfu)

From the beaches of Miami, Florida

Where have you watched a sunset on your travels?  Share with us!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Snacks on a Plane!

No, not snakes – we’re talking snacks on a plane!  Even though you usually get snacks and meals included on your international flights (check out these hazelnuts to the left!), but more often than not you’ll find yourself not even scoring a pack of peanuts on those domestic flights here in the U.S.  It’s always good to have snacks on you, in case you have a short connecting flight and you can’t grab lunch and there’s nothing of substance available on your flight.

Check out some tips for the types of snacks that you should be bringing with you on the plane!

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