Travel Tip Tuesday: Giving the Gift of Clean Water with The Thirst Project

Thirst-Logo-whiteLast month, Contiki introduced you to The Thirst Project, a “movement of High School & College Students that exists to raise awareness of and bring solutions to the clean water crisis through Education Outreach Programs”. Contiki is a proud sponsor of The Thirst Project and travels through many counties where clean drinking water that isn’t bottled still does not exist.

We recently sent Thirst Project founder and President Seth Maxwell, along with Twilight star Michael Welch (known for his role as “Mike Newton”) on Contiki’s Asian Adventure.  We sat down with Seth and Michael to ask them about their involvement with The Thirst Project and how excited they were to explore Asia!  Check out their interview below!

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Contiki & Gossip Girl Launch “Travel Like a Gossip Girl” Sweepstakes!

gglogoTonight marks the series finale of the CW’s Gossip Girl – and to mark this occasion, Contiki has teamed up with the Gossip Girl teamto give YOU the opportunity to win a Contiki vacation and visit the same locations that the Gossip Girls (and guys!) have traveled to these past six seasons.  Will it be a trip to Paris like Blair and Serena?  Will you escape to Thailand like Chuck?

Our own Contiki fan and Gossip Girl Yin Chang, aka “Nelly Yuki”, announced the competition which starts today via Twitter.

For more details, click the link below to read the Official Rules and check out how you can participate and win the chance to travel like a Gossip Girl!  Good luck and XOXO from Contiki!

I want to travel like a Gossip Girl!


Contiki Loves ‘Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes’ and You Should Too!


Travel & music lovers – need a boost in your travel soundtrack for 2013?  Look no further!  Contiki wants to share why we <3 Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes, whose song “Shoe Fits” was featured in Contiki’s “Shout iPhone App” video earlier this year.

The band consists of Daniel Ellsworth (lead singer, keys, acoustic guitar), Timon Lance (electric guitar), Joel Wren (drums) and Marshall Skinner (bass guitar).  Tim Weber of Good Music All Day, stated they were “The next big thing:  think Black Keys meets Mumford & Sons combined with that lil extra something and you have Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes…These guys are going to blow up, QUICK.”

We got the opportunity to ask Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes a few questions while they are touring the country.  Check out our Q&A with the band below!

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Thoughtful Thursday: Is it Better to Take Action or Surrender?

6957EURS2013It’s the holiday shopping season and sometimes you want to give in to your impulse and take action NOW, and other times you just want to see how life will unfold and you surrender to fate.

Do you live by a carpe diem mantra?  Do you feel like you have to be proactive all the time?  In travel, it seems that time in fleeting and you may not get the chance to experience everything.  This week, Christine Hassler explores how to find the middle ground between taking action NOW and surrendering for later.  Read on!

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