Thoughtful Thursday: You Cannot Screw Up Your Destiny

surfs upDid you ever miss an opportunity to travel and thought that would be your only chance to do it?  Believe in the fact that your turn will naturally come to explore the world when the time is right.  Whether it was a study abroad trip that you didn’t get a chance to experience or the European escape that your friends took without you, you can take steps and make choices that lead down the path of travel on YOUR terms.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores how you cannot screw up your destiny, so if you’re a would-be traveler, it’s going to happen!

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Contiki & Team Up to Inspire Your Travels Through Books

0231NWZD2013Books are a ubiquitous part of the travel experience.  Travelers read books that inspire their wanderlust, pack books to keep themselves entertained on their journey, and many return with captivating stories that turn into novels (Bill Bryson anyone?).

Whether you’re a college student, a young professional, or just a wanderer-at-heart, every travel experience has a good story attached.

Contiki is proud to partner with – home of the most used textbooks at the best prices – on an exciting campaign showcasing how books inspire travel and how travel inspires books.  Get ready for an adventure beyond the pages of a book – we want to help you write YOUR travel story.

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Thoughtful Thursday: Do You TRULY Value Yourself? Then Stop Discounting Yourself!

TurkeyOften times, we begin to discount our abilities to make exciting things happen in our lives, including travel.  We put up roadblocks to our success and we don’t truly value what we are capable of doing.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores how easily we discount ourselves and how to make the change to truly valuing yourself and the time you’ve got.  Once you start to recognize it, the possibilities are endless.

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The Winners of Contiki’s DJ Getaway to the Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier ReefWho is packing their bag to join 97.1 AMP Radio’s Seena from Los Angeles and 92.3 NOW’s DJ Yonny from New York on an amazing 14-day vacation to the Queensland region of AUSTRALIA!  Hundreds of you sent in your amazing 250 character write-ups on why you deserved to win a trip, brought to you by Contiki, Tourism Queensland, Tourism Tropical North Queensland, and Air New Zealand (who took top honors at the 2013 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards!)

The lucky winners are…

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