Thoughtful Thursday: Are You Too Nice?

6690EURS2013Do you often find yourself being nice and smiling through tough situations – even when your heart is telling you otherwise?  Whether you encounter this as a traveler or just in every day life, it can be frustrating when you realize that your nice demeanor may actually make you vulnerable.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores when being too nice can’t hinder rather than help you.  Find out if you are too nice and what you can do to make sure that your kindness is not being taken advantage of!

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Where to Wednesday: Thai Island Hopper

thai-island-hopper-west-tour-538x281With summer around the corner, we can’t help but think about all the summer activities that await us on the beach!  Whether you want to sunbathe on the shoreline, sail the waves, or scuba/snorkel

This week, we’re highlighting Thai Island Hopper, one of 15 of our favorite beachy destinations!  Recently, CMT Sweet Home Alabama reality star Tribble Reese and his friends went on Contiki’s Thai Island Hopper tour and documented their amazing scuba diving adventure.  Check it out below!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Prepare to Hit the Beach

0705AUSD2013Exactly ONE MONTH from today marks the first day of Summer 2013 – are you ready for it? We’re looking forward to summer travels (where are you going?!), warmer days, and spending all day outdoors, and there’s no other place that ties into summer than the beach.

We’re also featuring 15 of favorite beach destinations around the world and Contiki tours that travel to each place!  You may also find a sweet deal to accompany it too!  Once you book that trip, use this list to prepare to hit the beach!


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