Guest Post: Party Earth’s Live in Concert – The World’s Best Music Venues

3740EURSRI13Right now, Contiki is celebrating our love for music all around the world with 15 of the best trips for music lovers right now – but the old adage of location, location, location is all too important when it comes to where you’re listening to your favorite artists perform.

Our friends at Party Earth rounded up some of the world’s best music venues and we’re putting the show-stopping spotlight on places around the world where the acoustics are great and you’ll have an awesome seat when you are ready to rock out!  Read on!

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Thoughtful Thursday: Get Unstuck – How To have More Flow In Your Life!

7491EURS2013When you travel, even if you plan everything down to the last minute, you may run into situations that remind you to just go with the flow. We often get stuck in the mindset that things are too difficult to make happen – summer jobs, not enough money, or your friends not wanting to travel all become barriers and you start thinking, “I’m stuck here.”  Break free from that thinking!

You want to have some fluidity and motion in your life (that’s why you’re travelers after all!) so check out this week’s Thoughtful Thursday post about how to get unstuck in whatever rut you’re in and let the flow take you where you want to go!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Identify Your Inner Traveler


Do you see a recurring theme in all of your travel adventures?  Are you constantly taking out your phone to snap photos of every meal you consume while abroad?  Maybe you’re up before the break of dawn to catch a sunrise before participating in a strenuous hike – all before lunch time.  Or you decide to go with the flow and let the chips fall where they may, or as Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, ‘The great affair is to move.

It’s time to find out what kind of traveler YOU are – will it be foodie, adventure, nature lover, or laid-back traveler?