Thoughtful Thursday: Do You Know What Courage Really Is?

beach boatsPeople may look to you and say that you have courage for wanting travel the world.  Whether you’re overcoming travel roadblocks or have been delaying your passport application, when you finally decide to take that leap of faith and become a world traveler, does that mean you have more courage than someone else?

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores what courage really is and how YOU can be the most courageous person to yourself!

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Where to Wednesday: Contiki’s Grand Northern

GrandCanyonOpen roads, beautiful landscapes, variety – Contiki’s Grand Northern is a 26-day tour that visits 20 different U.S. states and 2 Canadian provinces. Starting on the East Coast, this tour hits up the historic city of Boston, heads into Quebec, jaunts over to Montreal, before you’re on a rip-roaring US adventure through the Northern part of the United States.  Plenty of national parks, big city life, and natural wonders.

We always love watching fan-made YouTube videos of our traveler’s experiences and we stumbled upon this really fun video of all the amazing landscapes and activities that the Grand Northern tour has to offer – set to a soundtrack of country music!  Check it out!

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Discover Contiki’s 10 Best of the US!

FlagWant to discover the best that the United States has to offer?  We’re highlighting our 10 Best USA trips – and we polled Contiki’s own USA tour managers and staff on their favorite places in the United States that you must visit for your bucket list.  If you call the United States your home, it’s time to explore your own backyard!




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Happy First Day of Summer 2013!


Today marks the first official day of summer and is considering the longest day of the year.  How are you going to celebrate?  BBQ, beach day, bonfire – the opportunities to get outdoors, soak up some sun, and (for some of us) have a summer vacation is too good to pass up!  Where are you going this summer?  This could quite possibly be your best summer yet – don’t forget to check out 10 ways to make your summer epic.

Welcome to the First Day of Summer in 2013!