Contiki Traveler Post: Thai Island Hopper – “My Leap of Faith”

ThailandWe always encourage our Contiki passengers to return from their trips and share their stories with us.  We love hearing about the memories created, the long-lasting friendships made, and see the photographs they’ve all taken.

This week, Contiki traveler Kennard Medina shared his experience on the Thai Island Hopper West (his second Contiki tour after taking European Magic back in 2012).  Check out his write-up and some photos from his trip!


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Thoughtful Thursday: How to Receive Recognition with Grace

clappingTo clap or not to clap?  We often want to feel recognized for our accomplishments but often times we don’t know how to receive that recognition.  We blush when people compliment us or act modest when deep down, there’s a part of us that wants to figure out a way to receive our recognition and feel good about it.

Christine Hassler explores this feeling in her latest “Thoughtful Thursday” post.  Check it out!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Review Your Trip

6858EURS2013Travel is a personal experience and you could be traveling on a Contiki with 49 other people, but it’s likely that your thoughts, feelings, and memories from the trip will vary from person to person.  The best time of your life may not measure up to someone else’s best time of their life – you never know!

Why not pay it forward and let others know exactly what made your experience so stellar?  Armed with your world traveler knowledge, it’s time to put those thoughts on paper – it’s time to review your trip!

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