Thoughtful Thursday: The Flaw With the Law of Attraction

TreviFountainWe are all familiar with the Law of Attraction – the mindset that how you approach the world is what you’ll get out of it.  If you think of yourself as a world traveler, then you will “attract” the worldly trips. However, there is a small flaw in this thinking:  if you set any roadblocks up for your success, then it will never come to fruition.
This week’s Thoughtful Thursday explores the flaw with the law of attraction and how you can still live the flawless life that you’ve been dreaming of! 
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Travel Tip Tuesday: Keep Your Data Safe

phoneIn this digital age, we’re using our smartphones more to capture our travel moments, get emergency weather and travel alerts, and we’re transferring all this data about ourselves through the world wide web.

We want to make sure you’re protecting yourself and maintaining your privacy even when you’re abroad!  Follow these handy tips so you’ll never have to worry about someone hacking your Facebook status (or – all kidding aside – get all your sensitive information.)


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Turn Your Summer Pics into Summer Swag

0623AUSD2013Want to win a Contiki swag bag chock full of goodies?  We want to see your summer pics!  Whether you took your first-ever trip abroad or you have a fantastic getaway with your closest friends, turn those summer pics into some cool Contiki swag.

Post a photo of your summer adventures to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using hashtag #ContikiDreaming for a chance to win a Contiki Swag Bag*.

We’re taking submissions until Tuesday, August 6, 2013 so send in your snaps soon!  Good luck!

*Contiki Swag Bag includes: a reusable bag, sunnies, a Frisbee, a T-shirt, and a beach ball

Thoughtful Thursday: How Do You Want to be Seen?

0014AUSD2013How do you want to be seen?  In this digitally-connected world, we always want to put our best self forward.  As travelers, that means we want to show that we’re adventurous, excited to travel, and curious about the world around us – not that we’re scared of the unknown.

This week’s Thoughtful Thursday, Christine Hassler explores how you can see the version of yourself that you want others to see.  Check it out!

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