Motivation Monday: Experience Latin America with SundayFundayz

Last month, the guys from SundayFundayz showcased their Latin Adventure through a series of videos showcasing the adventure, the taste, and all the epic experiences that traveling with Contiki is all about.  They’ve compiled the footage into this amazing overview of the Latin America trip and if this doesn’t get you itching to head down to Peru, Brazil, and Argentina, we don’t know what will!  Check it out!

If you want to relive each SundayFundayz video adventure, check out their Contiki Latin videos here!

Motivation Monday: Marie Digby in Ireland

Six years ago, a fresh-faced musician named Marié Digby took the world by storm with her acoustic cover of Rihanna’s hit song, ‘Umbrella‘ (featured above!)

Now, accompanied by her two younger sisters, Marié is off exploring her Irish heritage (from her father’s side) on Contiki’s 9-day Ireland tour.

Follow Marié’s Ireland journey on her Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram accounts as she posts a daily account of her discoveries, including the awe-inspiring sights of Giant’s Causeway, local music in an Irish pub inspiring all of us to discover our own heritage and live a life of no regrets.

Thoughtful Thursday: Money – A Love Story

Dolla BillsOne of the biggest considerations one has when looking to book travel is money.  Contiki has lots of tips to make saving funds for that upcoming vacation a reality – it’s called Jetsetting Made Easy, because we know that we all have a relationship with our hard-earned dollars and we want to make sure they are well-spent.

Check out Christine Hassler’s love story with money and how you can maintain a healthy and happy relationship (to later make your Contiki trip a reality!)

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Have You Discovered Your Travel Oomph?

Header for Blog Exchange_ZICO

For US Residents, don’t forget to enter our ‘Travel with Oomph’ Sweepstakes!  We’ve discovered the Oomph that ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water has to offer and we’re letting that fuel our zest for adventure.  Which trip gives you the most Ooomph and which one of the 5 TEAM ZICO athletes will you be traveling with? The sweepstakes ends on October 31 – so spread the word and travel with Oomph!