Travel Tip Tuesday: Travel Insurance with Contiki

When you travel, do you get travel insurance? 

In this day and age, we’re pretty confident buyers.  We don’t insure everything we purchase off the internet because we’re pretty sure everything will arrive in one piece, exactly the way you bought it.

Are you wondering what the benefits of travel insurance are?  Look no further!  Contiki gives you the ins and outs of travel insurance.

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Protecting Your Identity

We’ve all heard of the scenario:  You’re traveling and you reach for your passport in your bag… and it’s gone.  You’ve lost your only means of identification and all of a sudden, you can’t prove that You are You!  Imagine the frustration you feel when you lose your ID card or passport abroad – or even worse, your credit or debit cards.  All of a sudden, your vacation becomes a naycation – no fun!

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday shed some light on ways to protect you from identify theft so you can have the vacation of a lifetime with none of the worry!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: Traveling Internationally with the iPhone

If you’re like many of us, you can’t travel without bringing your iPhone with you.  It’s a handy camera, keeps you connected with all of your friends, and can be a great tool if you get lost in a city you’re not familiar in.

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday comes from a new guest blogger who recently traveled on a Contiki Europe trip.  Check out his tried and true tips for those of you looking to bring Apple abroad. (Sorry Android users! We’ll have tips of your next time!)

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Travel Tip Tuesday: High Altitude – The Air Up There

Tara S., Operations Supervisor for our Latin America product, traveled to Peru and encountered some our most frequently asked questions about visiting the country: How will the high altitude affect me?  What can I do to combat altitude sickness?  Will I have difficulty breathing when I visit Machu Picchu?

Check out Tara’s tried and true advice on combating altitude sickness!

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