Travel Tip Tuesday: Navigating a City While Unplugged

When you’re traveling and visiting a new city, chances are that you’ll want to venture out and explore on your own – and in a digital age, we have access to all sorts of information, such as subway maps and schedules, city guides, and driving directions.  However, our budgets don’t always allow for unlimited international 3G roaming charges, so without instantaneous step-by-step directions, what is one to do?

Before you take a wrong turn and end up on the street, check out some handy advice about how you can better prepare to navigate the streets while unplugged!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: How To Make Your Vacation Workout

Vacations aren’t supposed to be stressful but often times we find ourselves worrying if we let bad habits (like not working out) take over during our time away.  You’re taking a break from your every day life to explore the world, dine on amazing food, and experience new cultures.  Who says you can’t make your vacation workout at the same time?

As sponsors of CrossFit Surf City’s Whole Life Challenge, we asked CrossFit coach Anthony Campo to tell us how we can vacation and still keep up our fitness while we’re traveling.  Check it out!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Make Your Plane Ride More Enjoyable

We already know your upcoming vacation is going to be amazing but the journey to get there is also something you should be prepared for – the long plane ride that takes you to your destination.

Here are some tips and tricks for making sure your vacation starts off on the right foot and that you take advantage of those long flights to catch up on sleep, read your favorite book, or just plan your adventure!

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Travel Tip Tuesday: How Not to Fry Your Electronics While Traveling

Ever traveled abroad and wanted to charge your appliances, only to realize that your North America plug doesn’t fit in the Europe one?

Our very own Heather M., Marketing Specialist, gives us the lowdown on the difference between power adapters, voltage converters, and how not to fry your electronics when you’re abroad. There is a LOT information you need to know just to make sure you don’t fry that hairdryer when you’re traveling.  Check it out!

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