Contiki Recommends Europe

“In a short amount of time we visited all the hot spots!  The food was amazing, and the architecture, history and SHOPPING were fantastic.  Florence was my favorite – so beautiful, rustic and completely European. I could definitely live there!”

Melissa has traveled throughout Mexico, Central & South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Alaska & Europe. She lived and worked abroad in Mexico for 4 years, and is currently living abroad in the US. (She’s originally from Montreal.) In addition to Italian Espresso, she’s also been on Scenic Southern in New Zealand and the City to Surf in Australia.



“It was my first time ever in Europe and I can’t think of a better way to do it but with this quick jaunt through the most popular cities in Western Europe! What did I love most about this tour? How about the Australians and Kiwis that I went on tour with; they are some of the loveliest people in the world. They were up for anything! From dressing up like robots for the Space Discotheque in Florence to getting into crazy mischief in Amsterdam, Western Europe was our playground and we wore ourselves out every single day we were there.”

Which Contiki is Daniel taking next? “ I would love to do our Croatian Island Cruising, no wait Mediterranean Highlights… wait… Eastern Road!!”


“I absolutely loved my European Contrasts tour. I got to see almost everything there is to see in Western Europe, and it gave me a good taste for the countries I wanted to go back and visit in more depth. (I took a Simply Italy trip a few years later.) I was also really impressed with the food on this Budget tour. I’m a vegetarian and the Contiki reps on our special stopovers and villages were very helpful! We all got to pitch in and serve the meals, which helped us get to know each other quickly. I made some amazing friends that I still keep in touch with – recently I attended a wedding for two people that met and fell in love while on our tour.

Ashley has lived & worked abroad in Australia and New Zealand, spent 6 months traveling in Europe, and 3 months traveling in Asia. (We’re jealous!) She’s also been on Contiki’s Scotland and Simply Italy tours. Next Europe trip? “It’s a toss up between Eastern Road and Croatian Island Cruising. Both go to some incredible locations that are on my must-see list. The historical and cultural side of Eastern Europe mixed with great nightlife is a huge draw. With the Croatia trip, getting time to relax and swim in crystal blue water sounds like a fabulous holiday as well.”


“These iconic locations are three of the most famous and well-known cities in the world.  They recommend themselves! This was my first time to Europe and a great way to see the cities. Sometimes with the group and sometimes on my own, it was a perfect mix of sightseeing and independent travel.  My first night in Paris we took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower. While I was standing there eating my crepe, a man proposed to his girlfriend. The Tower lit up and everyone applauded, it was like a movie!”

Ramona has also traveled to Southeast Asia, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean & Egypt (with Contiki). Which trip would she take next?  “I want to go on the Eastern Road or Russia & Scandinavia tour, I love Art Nouveau!”


“One of the first Contiki trips I took was the Golden Fleece, where we traveled on a cruise ship to Turkey and Greece. We were able to visit exotic and fun locations such as Mykonos and cities with historical significance such as Athens and Istanbul. I think it’s a really great itinerary with a chance to visit the past and enjoy cosmopolitan cities.”

Claudia took her first Contiki trip (European Impressions) in the Summer of 2001. A few months later she traveled Australia on Contiki’s Beaches & Reefs, and it didn’t stop there… The next summer she went to Europe for 4 months with friends, and did 3 more Contiki trips (European Panorama, Golden Fleece, and Oktoberfest), impressive! Her love for Contiki inspired her to become a tour manager in 2003 and she’s now an Operations Manager for the North American tours.


“I’d definitely recommend Ireland to anyone who likes a perfect combination of gorgeous scenery, culture, and nightlife!  Everything in Ireland is exactly what you’d imagine from movies and pictures, but even more beautiful when you’re there.  The highlight of my trip was the optional excursion to the Aran Islands, where Gaelic is still the main language. We bicycled to the edge of the island and rested on the most beautiful cliff I’d ever seen, feeling the cool Irish breeze.”

In addition to Ireland, Jennifer’s been on the Oktoberfest trip and the European Discovery. Which Contiki to Europe will she take next? “Definitely Croatian Island Cruising.  Croatia is a hidden gem with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!”



“Egypt & The Nile more than exceeded my expectations. The Tour Manager couldn’t be stumped; he knew everything about anything Egyptian. His hospitality and pride coupled with his knowledge made this destination come alive. No book can do that.”

Allyson has traveled to Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Malaysia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Mexico and Canada. Next on her list? One of the new South America trips to Argentina & Brazil!




“I loved the food, the energy, the nightlife, and the architecture. We spent two nights in Ibiza – a must-do for any young traveler – with tons of world famous DJs and clubs.  We also saw the streets in Pamplona where the Running of the Bulls takes place, and went to a Real Madrid soccer game a few months after the World Cup… amazing!”

Michelle has traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada and throughout Europe. She has also been on Contiki’s Italian Espresso. (This summer she’s adding Eastern Europe, Turkey & Croatia to her list.)


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